About Rachel

Born and bred in the picturesque Yarra Valley in Melbourne, Victoria, on her families Strawberry Farm. Rachel has been surrounded by inspirational backdrops on a daily basis . Recognised early for her photography skills even before attending University ,Rachel was discovered by Raw Artists Australia and offered to display her work at an Exhibition in Melbourne at only 17 years of age.

Her multi award winning images have captured the eye of judges around the world in numerous competitions. Rachel has a passion for portraiture and fashion photography and by the age of 18 years her images had already been internationally published.

Rachel's keen eye for detail shows in her ability to bring images to life. Specialising in portfolios for models, actors and dancers. Rachel also loves capturing children's innocence and stunning landscapes and has travelled the world for inspiration.


Published Work

Ellements Magazine, New York, 2016

Elegant Magazine, L.A, 2016

Promo Magazine (Front Cover), New York, 2017


Click here for Rachel's interview with Promo Magazine (2017)